Wednesday 27 May 2020

Why Art Matters

My favourite writing spot. On the whole of Earth.
It's been more than a year since last I've blogged. In that time, my third book has sold well, I've visited schools across Ontario and Manitoba, celebrated the first I Read Canadian Day, and I'm now writing through a world-wide pandemic. Like so many, my life has been upended. Any publishing interest is currently on pause, waiting for the economic fallout as a result of closed schools, shuttered economies, and sick fellow human beings. 

Like many writers, I'm often overcome with the thoughts of, "What am I doing here? Why does it matter? There is so much at stake far greater than the words I write or don't write. People are dying. People are losing everything. Does my work, really matter?" 

Those are some pretty big thoughts. And I have worked them round and round in my head and heart. I've finally settled on the fact that art in all its form unites, supports, inspires, and encourages. It reminds us that we are connected to others, that living is a shared experience. That life must and will go on, although changed either temporarily or perhaps permanently. So, I will go on and write. I'll take this time to build my portfolio of stories. Fine tune and edit completed manuscripts. Work with my fellow critique partners and assist with their novels. Immerse myself in words and stories and continue to improve my craft. In doing so, I hope in some small way to help soothe the anxious worries of the children and teens who read my novels. Letting them know, that they are not alone in their struggles, even now when everything seems strange and often scary.

I wish you all good health, peace of mind, and hope for better days to come.
The simple joy of a sunrise.

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