Forever Julia

Forever Julia, is a humorous, yet at times dark, contemporary novel about a 16 year-old girl struggling to accept the death of her father. She falls for a wealthy and controlling boy who leads her to betray her friends and sacrifice her integrity. Ultimately, she alone must decide what lines cannot be crossed. It is Mystic Pizza meets 90210 on the Canadian Prairies and is full of romance, heart-break, and dangerous secrets. 

Book Awards and Reviews:

*Winner of a 2016 Manitoba Book Award -
The McNally Robinson Books for Young People Awards
 - Older Category* 

*Winner of the 2015 Bronze Moonbeam Award for Young Adult Fiction 
- Mature Issues* 

"This book was an amazing representation of how abuse can look like, and how it can hide behind what the abused may see as "love" especially if they have not experience romantic love yet like the young Julia has. Amazing book by one of our own Manitoba authors!! Highly recommend!" - Amanda Sanders, Prairie Books Now 

"A story that will hopefully open the eyes of girls who are in abusive relationships and may not see the light. It may help to give them strength to see their self-worth. A must-read. Well written, can't-put-it-down read. Highly recommended!" - Suzanne Costigan, Author, Empty Cup

"Ever mindful of her young, teenaged audience, Carmichael does a superb job of portraying Julia’s sexual awakening without every getting graphic." CM Review

"Author Jodi Carmichael writes about life as a teenager with humour and insight, showing how easy it is for peer pressure and the need to be loved to lead to risky behaviour." - Quill and Quire Review 

"5 STARS! I found myself completely engrossed in the story. You know it isn't going to go well, but seeing how Ms. Carmichael built things to the climax was as engaging as it was heartbreaking."Jennifer Streck, Psychocat Reads Review

"I am so glad this beautiful book exists! Julia is mad for her boyfriend...but though warning bells ring for friends and family about him, his controlling nature is at first subtle, and becomes apparent in such a gradual way. I love the struggle, the truth, the is all there. This is an exceptional story that shows so well how insidious a controlling and eventually abusive a relationship can be. No girl goes looking for a boyfriend who will treat her like that. Through Julia, we see and understand how it can happen." - Anita Daher, Author, Wonder Horse

Forever Julia was featured in Canada's Literary Magazine, Quill and Quire, in March 2014 here:

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