Family of Spies: Paris

When cousins Ford, Ellie and Gavin, discover their great-grandfather was a rogue World War II spymaster, they must outrun MI6 and the CIA through the streets of Paris, relying on their wits and Ford’s newfound clairvoyant skills to unlock Great-Granddad’s spy secrets buried in the past. Great-Granddad hid something important to the war effort and these agencies want it back!

Reviews and Nominations:

 Canadian Review of Materials—CM Magazine

**** /4  Highly Recommended

"Family of Spies will grip readers from the first page and will not let go. Told in the third person, this time travel tale successfully immerses readers in the City of Lights during both the 21st century and WWII, highlighting the incredible food, culture, language, history and architecture. The WWII era scenes, complete with marching Nazi troops and flapping swastika flags, are replete with vivid description that captures all of the senses. Chock full of action, suspense, history and intrigue, Family of Spies is a must-read with something for everyone!"

 “Carmichael’s clairvoyant child proves charming … a fast-paced adventure for ages 8-12.” — Winnipeg Free Press

“Science, history, and the supernatural combine in an exciting adventure full of humour and heart. The dangers and sacrifices of World War Two are wrapped inside an engaging story about family dynamics, the power of self, and all of it takes place on the thrilling streets and locales of Paris. Readers will enjoy cheering on Ford as he puzzles out the truth of his great grandfather and discovers the bonds of family and friendship transcend time, space, and even death.” — Natasha Deen, author of the Guardian trilogy

“Jodi Carmichael keeps up a quick pace, juggling past and present with equally enjoyable results.” — Quill & Quire

“This is a really good book. I really enjoyed reading it! It is an absolute page turner, and I spent every spare minute I had reading it.” — Mango Bubbles Books

Finalist – 2019 Manuela Dias Design and Illustration Award

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