Wednesday 8 May 2019

Mid TD Book Tour Update

The Lakewood Lakers!

I am having the time of my life. No exaggeration. I've now been to five schools and delivered six presentations. I've shared Spy-Like Writing Skills and How to Grow a Story from a Seed of an Idea to a Published Book. I've answered hundreds of questions (only a slight exaggeration) from students in Kindergarten to Eighth Grade!
Holy Cross Students and Me!

I can't imagine how this tour could get any better, but today I visit two branches of the Burlington Library and will help a group of young writers prepare for a writing contest. After that I get to join a group of Brownies and Boy Scouts for an Author and Pizza night! (I hope they have pepperoni!)

Preparing for this trip, I felt waves of excitement intermingled with anxiety that would often make me think, "What have I got myself into?" 

Mid-tour my anxiety is low, my excitement is off the charts and I keep thinking, "How lucky am I to have got into this program?" 
Spy-Like Writing Skills at St. Theresa's School

Filled with gratitude and humbled by the response I've received from the students and staff at every school I've visited in Southern Ontario, I continue across the province, feeling blessed and so proud to be Canadian.

New Pal, Principal Van Laecke at Lakewood!

Thank you, TD Bank for supporting this program, Canadian authors, Canadian literature and Canadian children. Thank you to the Canadian Children's Book Centre, for selecting me to take part. Thank you to my mentor, actor, 1st Vice Chair of The Writers' Union of Canada, Award-Winning Author and friend, Anita Daher. Without you, I would not be sitting in the Holiday Inn in Burlington, surround by my books, preparing to finish my first book tour.
More New Pals!

So excited to begin with the grade 3/4's
at Sacred Heart that I forgot to take pics.
So, here are the scraps of paper
I autographed and the school!

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