School Visits

Kicking off the "I Love to Read" Assembly at Linden Meadows School

I absolutely love visiting classrooms, libraries or entire school assemblies to talk about reading, writing, and all things books.

Reading to 70 Grade 3's at Ecole Crane
45-60 Minute Presentations 
Grades 2-6:
  • How I Became a Published Author - The journey begins in elementary school
  • Reading, Writing and Editing - What it takes to be a good writer
  • Accepting Differences - Celebrating our uniqueness and searching for similarities to build acceptance and friendships
  • Tips on Developing a Writers' Eyes and Ears - Steps to foster a creative brain
*All Presentations include a 15 minute reading from my chapter book, Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons. Spaghetti is available in both eBook and paper back. Manitoba Teachers, if you purchase Spaghetti from McNally's remember to bring in your school ID and you will receive a generous discount.

In addition to in-person school visits I also provide 15 minute  "Meet the Author" skype visits for classes that have read my book.
Book Trailer is a Meatball Bouncing Hit!

Speaker Testimonials

March 24, 2015 

Today I had the pleasure of attending author Jodi Carmichael's presentation to the grade 4 students of Chancellor School. She spoke to the students about differences, uniqueness, and what makes each of us "awesome". Jodi started her talk with having the students compare an apple, an orange, and a banana. The students were immediately engaged and enjoyed her fun and interactive style as they moved on to make comparisons among themselves, noting their similarities and differences. She taught them about subtle differences such as the ability to read nonverbal communication and differences in social skills. She frequently used herself as an example which helped the kids feel safe to share about their strengths and weaknesses. Jodi is a dynamic speaker with a natural ability to encourage spontaneous participation while maintaining the students' attention and respectful listening. She was able to very quickly adapt her presentation when, minutes before the children assembled, she realized the classes had not yet read her book. I would definitely recommend Jodi Carmichael as a speaker for diverse groups of elementary students to help with learning to appreciate differences. 

Karen Slippert, OTReg.(MB) 
Occupational Therapist 
Pembina Trails School Division

Jodi came to our school in March, 2015 and visited 4 grade 4 classes, talking to them about being a writer and encouraging them in the writerly life!  She was well prepared, very at ease with the students and full of excitement.  As Jodi shared her story of becoming a writer with all of us she certainly removed some of the mystery surrounding writing and getting a book to the publishing stage!  Our staff would eagerly recommend Jodi's high powered and insightful workshop for any other school.

Claire Sutton, M. Ed. Teacher-Librarian
Stanley Knowles School

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