Sunday 3 March 2019

Literacy Matters

The fantastic literacy professionals of the MRA.

Literacy matters. 
No one would deny that. 

Without good reading skills, school becomes an increasingly challenging place for students. This weekend I had the great privilege to present to a group of dedicated teachers and librarians from across Manitoba at the Manitoba Reading Association's General Board Meeting.

Their work focuses on classroom strategies, growing libraries and resources in remote northern communities, supporting international literacy crises and new initiatives like bringing NERD camp to Manitoba and so much, much more.
I take the most interesting photos...

Do these volunteers work hard? Indeed. Do they love their work? Definitely. If you are a teacher, should you get involved with the MRA? Without a doubt. 

My thanks to Susan Hayward who invited me to discuss my school presentations and thanks to the group for asking great questions and making me feel so welcome.

Looking to get involved with The Manitoba Reading Association?

You can find them on twitter or visit their website.

Authors, you can contact them to join their growing list of recommended school presenters. Click here to find out more.

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