Saturday 19 January 2019

Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2019

Look out people, Flatlanders are coming to town  
to the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2019!

Hmm. I need to work on the slogan. Doesn't roll of the tongue, does it. Maybe a song? A riddle? Or what about a limerick!

Portage Avenue Collides with Yonge Street
Jodi Carmichael

There once were three writers from Winnipeg.
They really liked to pull your leg
But their jokes soon fell flat
Even rhymed cat with kitkat
And got bonked on their heads with a shillelagh. 

Think I'll stick to novels.

Let me get straight to the point. Three Manitoba authors will be signing books at the Ontario Library Association's Super Conference the last week of January to showcase prairie talent and to represent publisher, Great-Plain Publications. Anita Daher, award-winning author, presenter and The Writers Union of Canada Vice-Chair, will be arriving old school, via ViaRail. The second award-winning author to make the trek is a contender in the Forest of Reading once more, Colleen Nelson. She'll be climbing aboard Westjet with me for a quick flight from Winnipeg to Toronto.
I'm signing copies of Family of Spies: Paris
at booth #421 on Friday at 10:30 am!

Next up: Family of Spies: Paris Bookmarks!
Are we ready? Yes we are.

I am in full-on marketing mode:

  • Designing business cards
  • Printing marketing sheets for my presentations
  • Preparing a binder of speaker testimonials 
I'm also mulling over questions like:

*Can I bring back list books for teachers to look at?

*Should I bring some sort of marketing piece - maybe a postcard with a blurb about my middle grade fantasy manuscript, A Time of Peril? Is that tacky or is that being a smart business person?

*And of course, most importantly...
what should I wear? 

I strongly feel a new outfit is in order. 
Nothing like new clothes confidence to set the day off right.

And now that I have my priorities in order it is back to writing
Rise of the Dark Faeries
Spooky, yes?
This middle grade novel follows A Time of Peril
and precedes,
Return of Dragons
Please pop by, say hello and pick up some fabulous novels from Manitoba authors. 
We'll be at the Publishers Group Canada's booth #421!