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Monday, 27 May 2013

Spaghetti Launched at McNally's!

My smile swallowed my face. So happy.

It happened. My ultimate writing dream came true this past Saturday.

I said it in my launch speech and I'll say it here again, for every Winnipeg writer having their book launch at McNally's is as exhilarating as being a chocolate addict and winning a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

We began with running the incredible book trailer, followed by The Drew's introduction of me. He brought
The Drew. xoxo
gales of laughter when he remarked that he had been a fan of my body of work for years and then tears when he closed with his pride in my accomplishments.

When I then stood behind that podium and saw all those faces smiling back at me, I had a full Romper Room moment. All I needed was that monstrous mirror she held and it would've gone a little like this;

"I see Sarah and Thomas and Daniel and Emma and Melody and Neve. I see Lauren, and Brynne, and Kaiya and Signy and Ella. Oh look, it's Abi
and Katya and Laura. And is that Wren and Karissa and Shay and Tait, too?"

Hello Peeps! You all Came!!!
Really, I could go on like that for hours. No jokes. But honestly, with every new face I saw, I felt a surge of joy.

The Hartmichaels on Another Grand Adventure.
McNally's, the finest Independent Book Store in all of the world, went above and beyond.

They moved book shelves out of the way to expand our space, served the most scrumptious chocolate chip cookies a kid could ever ask for (even better than mine, I've since been told), and tolerated my rambunctious children as they raced through the children's department as if it were their second home as it is mine.

Apparently watching your mom sign books for an hour and half is 100% Dullsville, when you're 8 and 12.

And McNally's graciously allowed us to sell Spaghetti book posters as a fundraiser for Asperger Manitoba. Anne Kresta was in attendance and was able to disseminate important information about the services and support that Asperger Manitoba Inc provides to Manitoban families.

My thanks to all who showed up, if not in body, but in spirit - you made me feel like the Queen of Books.

To my publisher Little Pickle Press for designing a book I am proud to call my own, with Lesson Plans, book marks and posters to accompany it - what else could I ask for? You are stupendous.

Now, about that next book...


  1. Thrilled to have discovered you for Little Pickle Press, Jodi! :)

    1. Dani, it's my thrill to be discovered! :)

  2. Hey Jodi,

    So sorry I missed this! And so happy for you that it went so well. And yeah, what about that next book?

  3. Well done I just covered a book launch on one of my other blogs. Passing through on my roadtrip

  4. Congratulations Jodi!!!!! What wonderful news...x