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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Spaghetti Launches Today!

The day has come. The day I have dreamt of since Little Pickle Press offered to publish my book..

The Book Launch for Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons.

When I first signed with Little Pickle, the marketing strategy was to launch digitally first, see if we had an audience, and follow with a print book if deemed appropriate. Our plan was to wait until we had a sufficiently large school order down in the states and then we'd start our first print run.

But Connor's story was a hit and ba-blam! Rana pressed the print key and voila 5,000 copies of my beautifully illustrated book were ready within days.

Joff Schmidt and I.
Yes, my outfit matches my book cover.
I started this morning with an interview on CBC Radio with Joff Schmidt. We talked about writing, kids, and Asperger's Syndrome.

Our chat, as far as I could tell, was going extremely smoothly, until a flock of runners in bright yellow t-shirts stopped to wave wildly at us through the ginormous window that faces the studio. Exactly what a person with my focus issues does not need when on live radio.

Might as well have been a tap dancing purple unicorn or an elephant sized squirrel juggling cannon balls outside that window.

Thankfully, Joff is a pro and helped me redirect my attention back into the room.

So here are the deets for today!

McNally Robinson Booksellers.
When: 2:00 pm - in the Atrium

There will be cookies, punch, coffee, tea and water. Oh, and of course paper books aplenty. And to support Asperger Manitoba Inc, McNally's is allowing us to sell book posters at the launch, with all proceeds benefiting AMI. Have I mentioned before how much I love McNally's? And what about my publisher, Little Pickle Press, who generously donated hundreds of posters?

Now it's time to get myself book launch ready. New blue and green outfit. Check. Painted matching blue toes. Check. T-Rex the Gecko earrings. Double-check!


Spaghetti at #5 on McNally's Best Sellers List!


  1. Congratulations Jodi!! :) - KiteReaders

  2. Congratulations! It looks so cute!

    1. The illustrator, Sarah Ackerley, did an amazing job.

  3. That was a 5 star book launch, Jodi!
    Congrats! May all your dreams continue to come true!

    p.s. Drew did a great intro. Very funny guy.

    1. Thanks Gabe! Made all the better because all The Anitas were there. And yes, The Drew is awesome. :)