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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Spaghetti Blog Book Tour - It's Not all Gravy Stop 2B

The Lovely and Talented
Maryann Miller

You may be asking yourself, at this very moment,

"How did that newbie author from the Great Plains of Canada get hosted by the likes of Maryann Miller?"

I keep asking myself that very same question and keep coming out with the same Karma-esque answer, "Because Maryann's from Texas." 

Confused? Let me enlighten you, Jodi-Style.

There is something about Texans that I'm drawn to. Maybe it's because I'm only two left turns and 1,200 miles from literally driving down Main Street, Dallas. 

It would be a 20 hour drive, I'd be mighty tired, and the tolls in Kansas and Oklahoma would confuse they heck out of me, but it is a possibility.

Or maybe it's because we're both prairie folks - albeit there's a ton more snow and far more -20 degree days up here in Manitoba - but we both have wide open spaces that let our imaginations float free for mile after mile or kilometre after kilometre. However you measure it, there's a lot of land to daydream across.

Maryann's blog is a "commentary about life and writing, and the absurdities of the human condition." 

As a journalist and author for twenty years, she has amassed credits for feature articles and short fiction in numerous national and regional publications. She has several non-fiction books in print, including the award winning, Coping With Weapons and Violence In Your School and on Your Streets.

Maryann is the Theatre Director at the art center, where she had the privilege of directing one of her original plays several years ago. She enjoys directing, especially working with young performers, and every summer holds a two-week Youth Drama Camp. When not directing, Miller likes to be onstage and has appeared in "Squabbles" as Mildred at the Main Street Theatre in Sulphur Springs, where she also appeared as Mama Wheelis in "Daddy's Dying, Whose Got the Will?" and Martha Brewster in "Arsenic and Old Lace." 

When not writing or "playing" on stage, Miller enjoys her little ranch in East Texas where she lives with her husband.

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Being a caveman, eating spaghetti is not as
cool as it sounds.


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog. I was so surprised to find this. Hope the rest of the tour goes well.

    1. You're more than welcome. It was so kind of you to host me! Just wanted to give you the kudos you deserve. :)