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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Spaghetti Blog Book Tour - Magic Dog Press - Stop 2A!
They're a Heinz 57 Publisher
(& they're house broken. Almost.)

I am thrilled to be hosted at Magic Dog Press for my second (part A) blog tour stop.

They are a "growth stage" publisher, supportive of other innovative presses such as Little Pickle Press.

Here's a wee bit about Magic Dog, in their own words:

"It's a mongrel, that's what it is. There's nothing purebred about anything we do.

Our books don't fit neatly into genres. Our picture books spill into our biographies which spill into our novels which spill into our children's books which spill into our posters. And everything's just a hair off-beam. We espouse vulgarity. We cultivate irreverence. We hold barbecues with sacred cows. We're not biters, but we might very well have an accident on your rug.

Your favourite rug.

But we'll wag our tails and lick your hand afterwards. We're storytellers. We might tell the story in words, in pictures, or on a t-shirt, but always, always, it's there-- even if it can't be told in mixed company.

We're new in town; check back with us for things new, strange, and possibly wiggly and damp."

Magic Dog Press isn't afraid of trying something new and step outside the box of traditional publishing - just like my rockin' publisher, Little Pickle Press.

So come on over to Magic Dog; you'll like what you find.

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Humorous, quirky, and down-right lovable, 8 year-old Connor!


  1. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

    1. Isn't that the truth - you just can't beat a dog's unconditional love.