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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Spaghetti BBT #3 - Mom-Ology - 'Cause Momma Knows Best
Advocate of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The third stop on my virtual tour (doesn't that sound like I'm part of  the Matrix?) is at the awesome blog site; Mom-Ology, where advocacy and action meet.

Jen is the mastermind behind Mom-Ology and is a stay-at-home Mom of an 8 year old boy on the Autism spectrum (a.k.a. Bean).  She started blogging in November 2011, shortly after she started homeschooling her son.  She's married, and has been for 11 years.  Her hubby (a.k.a. Hubby) is an avid martial artist and together they run a specialized program for kids on the Autism spectrum.

Jen also has 2 golden retrievers; Ollie and Jorga (pronounced Georgia).  Ollie is Bean’s autism service dog and Jorga… well, she’s known as ‘The Spazmanian Devil’.  They add just a little more craziness to their lives, which they thoroughly enjoy!

One of Jen's big passions is raising autism awareness. she is an active advocate in the community for both autism and autism service dogs.  She's also a supporter of the I CARE Foundation and the work that they are doing to help end International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA).  Not only will you see a number of things on her blog in reference to autism, but also related to IPCA.

She's a proud Canadian blogger and loves to share Canadian content. Jen's my first stop with a fellow Canadian and it is a true honor to be hosted on her site. Plus, she and her post absolutely rock and we are going to have oodles of fun today! 

So click over to Mom-Ology; you'll find support, community, and great resources.

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  1. thanks Jodi! I am so very excited to have everyone at Mom-ology today... Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food is an amazing amazing learning tool! As a parent of a child on the spectrum... thank you for writing this!

    1. Thanks for having me over on Mom-ology! You're the best host for the Canadian leg of our virtual blog tour. So happy you like Spaghetti. Writing about Connor was the best writing experience I've ever had.