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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Where Did the Time Go?
The other night we watched The Sting, set in the 30’s and made in the 70’s. I was struck by something so jarring that it pulled me out of the movie.

Robert Redford. He bears a striking resemblance to Brad Pitt. Mr. Redford is one hot octogenarian.
Okay, to be honest, my husband pointed this out (the resemblance, not Mr. Redford's all-American hotness) and then returned to movie watching. For me, this was all the distraction my random brain needed to begin drifting.
A movie, made in the 1970’s –  10, 20, 30, 40 odd years ago. I feel like a second grader counting off my tens to get to 100.
It flows quickly over the good occasions; birthdays, beach days, and weddings. It creeps by with painful slowness during dreadful moments, like exams, root canals, and funerals.
My fortieth birthday crept up a while back and I celebrated with hot tub, friends, my Drew, and dancing around the living room of my big yellow house. That was two Septembers ago. I’m quickly approaching the third year since that Jacuzzi festival and it seems like a day, maybe two has passed since then. I feel the same. Look relatively similar, but three years have indeed passed.

My girls have changed as greatly as I have remained the same. There’s a world of difference between ages four to seven and eight to eleven, compared to 40 to 43. Maybe that’s why I seem to notice the passing of time so much more than I once did.
My babies are growing. My eldest is on the cusp of adolescence and now I understand why grandmothers take new mothers by the shoulders and square them, speaking seriously and from the heart. “Treasure every moment, they grow up so fast.”
I’m not close to being a grandmother, but I already feel that grandmother wisdom. My babies have grown fast and there’s no way to stop them.
Although it’s only July and, according to the calendar nowhere near New Year’s, I am close to a new year for myself. Autumn is calling. Another birthday approaches.
My new year resolution:

Live in the present with my daughters. Treasure every moment.

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