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Monday, 9 July 2012

Another First
First tooth. First Birthday. First word. So many firsts in the first year of your child's life. Each one marked down and noted. Often celebrated.

Skip forward a few years, to the first day of school. First best friend. First lost tooth. First visit from the tooth fairy.

Yesterday was a new first in our family. First day of camp and I’m not referring to day camp. We’re pros of the Little League of camps; dance camp, nature camp, and arts and craft camp. Today was the first day of the Big Leagues. Sleep away camp.
Emma packed three days ago, double checked her list, and crammed ample supplies of magazines, sunscreen and even a disposable camera into her bulging bag. She was prepared. We were ready for the early morning 2 hour car ride to Kenora, Ontario where the 18 foot tin boats would shuttle the kids to Camp Stephens.

Only one glitch.

We slept through our alarm and bolted out of bed long after 5 am had come and gone. We raced down the stairs, yanked on our t-shirts and shorts, to find our ride waiting for us. Thank goodness for friends who are patient and understand that this is just the way The Carmichaels roll – almost prepared.

Seriously. Our motto, Toujour Prest, translates to: Always Ready.

But please notice the arrow in our crest is actually broken. My guess is our ancestors showed up for every Scottish battle, with weapons in hand, and a quiver full of useless arrows. Those Carmichaels probably rose, earlier than 5am, to lay out their combat tools and then feeling completely organised promptly sat down on their spears and such while eating their morning porridge. See what I mean? Almost prepared. History repeats itself. Just sayin.'

But I digress, which should not be surprising to anyone.

The drive to Kenora zipped by and as we rolled up to the dock, the girls’ best buddy came running to the car door.

“I’m so excited!” she screamed.

Our girls screamed incoherently back and dragged their luggage down to the water. Safely bundled into life jackets the three girls climbed into the silver boats – all three friends wearing matching grins.

So many thoughts wound through my mind and around my heart at that moment.

This is my girl, full of trepidation at the thought of a sleepover at a friend’s house only a short year ago. She is going to camp. Sleep away camp. She worked hard to build her courage for this day.

Emma waved madly, her smile never shaking, as the boat pulled away from the landing.

My heart leaped with joy for her. My girl’s going gone to camp. 


  1. Oh Jodi! That made me cry as well...
    Two more sleeps and we will be happily waiting for them, open armed and excited to hear their tales.

  2. You and Daniele are soft hearts. That's why I love you!