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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Al Simmons Touched my Book!

"Don't make me sing along...altogether now!"
In the world of children's entertainers, there are few that come close to the comedic antics of Winnipeg's own, Al Simmons.

There's Rafi, Fred Penner, and Jake Chenier, to name a few.
Em with Al Simmons
They are all stupendous and kids go crazy for their shows.

For our family, Al Simmons holds a special place in our hearts. We've taken the girls to his shows at The Children's Festival at the Forks, an icy performance at Festival Du Voyageur, and a mega show at the Centennial Concert Hall where he played with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

But most recently, our most favourite Al Simmons show occurred right in our own back yard. 

Well, almost.

Reading in Al's presence!

Through the organizing and marketing talents of a great Wildwood Park neighbour Estee Taylor, (who is an amazing puppeteer, artist, and children's entertainer herself), we featured the wild shenanigans of Mr. Simmons just a few weeks ago at our Winter Carnival.

Both kids and adults sang with Al about hats, fishies, and his rock collection. I joined in, my monotone drowned by Al's rich baritone.

Hmm, I'm not sure if he is a baritone, tenor, or base. For sure he's not a soprano. I actually have no clue what I'm talking about.

As a singer, I make a good writer. 

For me, the biggest thrill occurred  when he held my book high above his head and encouraged the audience, filled with my friends and neighbours; my community, to go out and buy Spaghetti!

He said it was a wonderful book! 
His words gave me goosebumps, peeps.

(This copy shall never be sold.)

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