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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spaghetti is SUPERB! Book Review by The Reading Tub
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As an author, you hope your book reaches a wide audience, appealing to a diverse group of readers who like your book enough to recommend it to friends. Word of mouth advertising is the most cost effective and successful marketing tool we have.

When a reader is so moved by your novel (either they loved it or despised it), they often post a book review. This can be a joyous moment for a writer, or one that results in head-to-toe chills.

Recently, I received a totally unexpected and thoroughly delightful review from Terry Doherty, of The Reading Tub. 

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Doherty picked up, Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food, at Book Expo America and this is a snippet of what she had to say:

"In a word: superb! By letting Connor tell the story, readers can walk in his shoes and see the world as he does. The author captures a young boy's voice perfectly. Every child knows what interrupting is - and how hard it is to be patient. All of us know what its like to want something NOW and then just grab for it. The story has a happy ending, as it should."

Of course I Happy Danced around the house after reading this 
to the tune of Katy Perry's, ROAR
(It seemed fitting.)

Please follow this link to read her complete review, and to find other books The Reading Tub has reviewed: The Reading Tub Review of Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food.

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