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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Off to America

Lexie our Ford Flex is packed stem to stern.

Family Road Trips!

Love em' or hate em', 'tis the season to set off to explore designations unknown.

(Read: a jaunt across the U.S. border to shop outlet malls and visit waterslides.)

For we Carmichaels that means farming out Zoe the Dog to Grandma Carmichael, Pink and Floyd the Gerbils to Granny, and Billy the Beta Fish to Grandpa Dave. Yes, it takes many grandparents to allow us to flee the city for five nights in the metropolis known as Minneapolis.

Ah America, our southern neighbour, how shiny and exciting you are to our soon to be nine-year-old and twelve-year-old daughters. The Lego Store, American Girl, Valley Fair and more, a mere eight hour drive

When I suggested this adventure I was absolutely sure The Drew loved long car rides.

I personally would avoid them like mosquitoes in a bog, but I was certain he had a passion for them. Who doesn't want to sit crammed in a stuffy car, slowly losing all feeling in your buttocks, while your patience flees as quickly as a mangy dog flees a bath under a garden hose?

Apparently, I was wrong. In fact, he thought I had a yearning for a Carmichael Car Trip, because as kids my brother and I spent every summer at our cottage at Brereton Lake and never partook in this Canadian tradition.

Yes, yet another classic Three's Company Moment Ala Carmichael Style.

So, wish us luck as we cram ourselves into Lexie tomorrow at 7 am and head south.

First stop: Timmy's for two extra large double-doubles, followed by a Xanax chaser. 
No need to judge, people.

Coffee = Happy Mommy


  1. Ah, the family road trip! We've made it all the way to BC several times, which is considerably longer than 8 hours! Bring plenty of snacks, iPods or equivalent for entertainment and plenty of patience. Good luck! :)

  2. Our new car, Lexi, comes with two tv's so the girls can even watch separate movies. Something we never thought we'd ever do, but in hindsight is the smartest decision about a car we've ever made!