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Friday, 12 April 2013

Manners - Don't Even Get Me Started!

Yes I did. I went there. Manners. Booyah! Sexy blog topic, for sure.

It's a culture of disrespect, we're living in people. Rudeness, I tell ya', is everywhere.

Cutting in line at the grocery store, stealing a parking spot, leaving the toilet seat up, NEVER saying please or thank you. Where will it end?  (And might I add there should be huge fines for that whole lavatory issue.)

If I hear one more person place this order, "I want the Super Colossal Artery Busting Burger, hold the mayo," I may in fact, lose my last remaining ounce of patience. Although their selection of grease on a bun is a concern, it's their under-use of the undervalued, but much appreciated magic word, please, that has my nickers in a knot. 

Every third grader has it memorized. It is only one syllable. How hard can it be to remember?

I think it all stems from the hyper-focus we place on our own needs, with a blind disregard, an inattention if you will, to what matters to others. (Splashing into a cold bowl of water at 2am is never pleasant.)

Why am I on a politeness rant this morning? Because I am 100% guilty. My telephone manners slipped to an all time low. I was firmly entrenched in Blogger Brain, writing this very post, when the telephone rang. (I do believe that is a strong case of irony.)

And how did I answer the phone, greeting the caller, making them feel as if I welcomed their call? Not, "Good morning," or "Hello" or even touting our multicultural community did I sing out "Bonjour."

No, deep in my own world, completely forgetting all decorum, I picked up the phone and uttered, 
Followed by,"What"
And my final feeble attempt of, "Uhm, hi this is Jodi."

Of course the caller, was silent not knowing what nut house she had called.

Good grief.

What I did score full marks on was inattention. But that's a whole other blog post.

And I ain't got nothin' on Thomas C. Farley, a.k.a. Mr. Manners.
Click here to get your manners' clock cleaned:


  1. Hi Jodi. I'm with you, we need to look at ourselves first, but yes, the world at large suffers this malady called lack of manners.
    Fun post. Love seeing a writer rant -- we do it better than anyone else. :)
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  2. Not only a lack of manners, but people are often so cruel.

    1. So true. When we stop considering others, it's easy to belittle them to the point of meanness.

  3. Yeah! Agree with every word. I was brought up to say please and thank you, taught my children the same.and to eat with their moths shut because u
    it's not nice for other people to have to watch, Both injunctions seems to have missed a whole generation of the people I meet.
    Umm - isn't today an L day?

  4. I am pleased to say that my children have good manners, at least that is the report I always get when they are out. We say please, thank you, "may I" as opposed to "can I", and "pardon" not "what."

    Visiting from AtoZ

  5. I think we're all guilty of poor manners now and then. Happily my daughter's manners are really quite good and so are most of her (teenage) friends, so that gives me hope for the future. It's not all Neanderthal-ic grunting and selfishness. Or, that's what I tell myself ;)