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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fabulousness Welcomes Spaghetti - BBT Stop # 6

The Fabulous, Leslea Tash
Leslea Tash, is the host of my next blog stop. She's a writer, newlywed, mother, and dog-sitter. And according to her blog site, she's even a human being.

She's got a wicked sense of humor, so I expect we'll have a lovely time hanging out on her site.

You may also be wondering,  "Where do I know this woman from?”

Leslea has a long history in blogging and goes way, way back. (In addition to being a well known and highly regarded freelance reporter.) Here's the blogs she's been active in:
  • Guerilla Mothering
  • Allergy News, and
  • Allergy Go-to Mom on CafeMom, with Meredith Viera

Come join us over at The Fabulousness site of Leslea Tash. 
It promises to be a hilariously fun time!

Here are the other blog stops on the Spaghetti tour:
I know everything about Dogs, Dinosaurs,
and Math!

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