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Friday, 11 January 2013

Spaghetti BBT visits The Blood Red Pencil - Stop #5

The Blood Red Pencil, is run by a group of editors and writers, who have a lot to say, so they carry a big red pencil so they can say it loudly, clearly, and with emphasis.
Chuck in all his glory.

Hmm, well I haven't fact checked the actual size of their pencil, but I imagine it is colossally large. In my mind it resembles Selkirk's Chuck the Channel Cat, but far less fishy.

The goal of their site is to help writers by blogging about what they know best – editing.
Dani, 1st Reader Extraordinaire

Dani Greer is hosting me on the BRP site and I couldn't be more pleased. Dani heads up the Blog Blook Tours group and started this group of fearless Blood-Red Pencil editors. She has great information for authors trying to set up their own blog tours and is an advisory board member and special projects coordinator at Little Pickle Press. She also critiques and edits manuscripts, with special attention to period details and voice in historical novels and plot resolution in her favorite cozy mystery genre.

Dani is also Little Pickle Press's first reader, which means she was the first person to read my submission of Spaghetti. If it didn't make it past the "Dani Test," Connor's story would remain on my hard drive, not brought to life by Sarah Ackerley's beautiful illustrations.

So come over to The Blood-Red-Pencil and feel free to share with us your favourite, enormous road-side attraction!

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    1. Great to hear! There are all sorts of blog posts about blogging to be found. One important tip: keep the post short - under 800 words and closer to 500 or less is best. I have a hard time with that! I'm a blogger in progress...