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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year - Blogging Style!

Happy New Year!

2012 was one fine year.

So many great things happened over those 12 months, that I was sad to bid it adieu, farewell, au videsen, good-night.

Yes, I watched The Sound of Music over the Christmas holiday. Twice. And replayed my favourite songs, singling loudly, proudly and completely tonelessly.

Nothing says Merry Christmas better than the sound of a yodelling, possibly dying, moose. 

You'd think my children would've been horrified. Nuh-uh. They were only mildly annoyed. They rolled their unamused eyes, with perfection, and popped in their ear buds, tuning out my loud braying. Kids. No accounting for taste.

But, 2013 has been rung-in with excitement and huge plans for the future of Connor and his adventures in Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons.
Firmly at the helm and driving Spaghetti upward and onward is my fearless, tireless, and possibly genius publisher, Rana DiOrio. Every few weeks, she whispers to me another few words of her Master Plan, and my heart leaps, my mind whirls with the possibilities. Oh, and she has plans. Big, audacious plans.

Top Secret, "Jodi, you must keep this to yourself until the time is right," plans.

Argh. Being quiet is extremely difficult for someone whose dreams are soaring to heights only dreamt in private. Plus, I'm a might bit excitable. It's part of my very nature. It sits right next to my hyper rabbit-talk, and fidgety feet. It occupies the space where patience lives, in people other than moi.

And I've tried to keep pace with Rana. I've even tried to "out-think" her plan. To "expect" her next whisper, but every time she astounds me. Trying to keep up with her, is like chasing the wind - and she's a mighty Nor-Easter that is hell heck bent on success. (Keeping it family friendly, peeps.)

What I can share is the news of my upcoming 
Blog Book Tour, running January 7 - 13th. 
Come join us for some laughs and find out more about Connor and how he came to be.

Here are the dates and blogs that I'll be visiting: (Click on the Blog Sites and you will be magically taken to their outstanding blogs.)

January 7   - The Connor Chronicles
January 8   - Magic Dog Press
January 8 -  Maryann Miller's - It's Not all Gravy
January 9   - mom-ology
January 10 - Confessions of An Aspergers Mom
January 11 - Blood Red Pencil
January 12 - Leslea Tash
January 13 - Inneraspie


  1. Thanks for your kudos, Jodi. We love having you on our team, and we are very excited about the Blog Book Tour for your debut title. 2013 will be a blockbuster year by all accounts. ~ Rana

    1. Rana, it has been an incredible whirlwind year all thanks to you and your Pickle Team! And I sure do like the sound of your prediction for 2013.