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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Blog Book Tour - FAQ

Come January 7th, I will officially begin the 
Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons Blog Book Tour.

When I told my family and friends about this exciting week long event, I received countless blank stares. So, I thought I'd better get a' bloggin' about...bloggin'!

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions, which should provide a good review of how a BBT works.

Q. What exactly is a blog book tour?

A. It's an online book tour that stops at various blog sites, where the book in question is discussed. In this case, Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food.

This can be done, by posting a book review or by conducting an interview with the writer - aka Yours Truly. Once the host blogger posts their review or Q & A, a lively discussion follows.

Q. Who can post comments or ask questions?

A. Well, anyone - which includes you! Maybe you are wondering how writers come up with ideas. Perhaps you relate to one of the characters and you want to share your experiences with others. Or you may possibly want to know what Connor's favourite color is - who knows? But if you ask it, I'll try to answer it.

Q. Am I obligated to buy the book if I follow the blog tour?

A. Absolutely not! But, of course we hope you fall in love with Connor and want to read Spaghetti from cover to cover. Or give it as a gift. Or share it with your students. Really the possibilities are nearly endless!

Q. Why isn't there a "traditional" book tour?

A. Although jetting from city to city is a writer's dream, the world of publishing has changed immensely over the past 5 to 10 years. Extravagant book launch tours are a thing of the past and are now reserved for the biggest names in literature.

Q. Who hosts the blog stops?

A. Extremely awesome bloggers, with large followings have graciously agreed to host our tour.

Q. Are there any other benefits to taking a virtual tour?

A. Most definitely. Blog tours create permanent posts discussing Spaghetti. They'll be there...FOREVER. If you're 21 and posted pictures of your Spring Break trip to Daytona Beach, this may be a problem, but for authors this is MARVELLOUS! When readers are searching for information about a book, author, or topic, up will pop these blog posts.

Q. How do I know where the Spaghetti Tour will be stopping?

A. Here are the dates and blogs that I'll be visiting. (Click on the Blog Sites and you will be magically taken to their outstanding blogs.)

January 7   - The Connor Chronicles
January 8   - Magic Dog Press
January 8 -  Maryann Miller's - It's Not all Gravy
January 9   - mom-ology
January 10 - Confessions of An Aspergers Mom
January 11 - Blood Red Pencil
January 12 - Leslea Tash
January 13 - Inneraspie

Hope to "see" you there!

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