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Monday, 5 November 2012

Changes are a Comin'!

You can’t avoid change – it surrounds us.

How we bank has changed, how we buy books has changed and now my blog design has changed. Not quite in the same, "impacting society" category, but still, it counts.

The world of book tours has changed as well. Long gone are the days of jetting from city to city, holding book signings and readings, all at a hefty price tag. Now authors take part in Blog Book Tours.

A Blog Book, what?

A Blog Book Tour is an online book tour that stops at various blog sites, where a review of the book is posted by an incredibly talented blogger and a lively discussion follows.

So, I am currently taking an exciting online course from blog guru, Dani Greer, on how to run a successful Blog Book Tour or a BBT, to those in the know. Apparently I will become one of those smartie-pants by the end of this course. That would be this Friday. No pressure. The course is called, none too surprisingly, the Blog Book Tour Course.

Dani, or Sarge; as her students like to call her, is an expert at coordinating BBT’s and chaperons all the Little Pickle Press tours. In January when I’m travelling the digital world for 2 weeks promoting, Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons, Dani will be firmly at the helm.

Now its full blog ahead.

My mission: to become a world class blogger

My strategy: to whip my blog into shape

My plan: to change my template and layout so they’re clean, easy to follow, dynamic and fun

My back-up plan: to look sad, pathetic, and even desperate so my computer genius husband will take pity and fix all my “oopsies” and “uh-oh, that wasn’t supposed to happens.”
Oh yeah, and I have 28 days to become a pro. Wish me luck.
(Or send Chardonnay.)

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