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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What if Chocolate had Zero Calories?
Another summer has begun at our wee cottage overlooking, Manitoba’s own inland sea, Lake Winnipeg. It’s a small piece of paradise hidden, in the heart of the Canadian prairies. Another summer, I am fortunate to spend with my family, swimming, kayaking, sandcastle building, and (whenever possible) writing.
The kids are off for a quick swim, so I have a few minutes to sit at my computer, tap away at the keyboard, letting my imagination explore new worlds and all the characters that inhabit them. My mind is flooded with my favourite question.
What if?
And not just the cliché, wah-wah-wah questions like; What if we could fly? Or What if the moon was made of cheese? Or What if chocolate had zero calories, cured cancer and was the fifth food group, but has too weak a lobby group to compete with the all-powerful dairy, grains and protein lobbyists? Okay, so maybe the last one is my own personal what if, but I think you can see where I’m going.
Currently I’m working on Gemini, a paranormal YA about twins. It’s the first in a trilogy called Triggered. The protagonist is Kate and the story is told from her point of view. Her brother, Chris, is the assistant protagonist.
“But Jodi,” you may ask (or not depending if you talk to your computer screen as much as I do.) “Can you have an assistant lead character?”
And I would have to ask you back, “But what if you can? What if you HAD to?”

Which of course would lead me deep into a “what if” chain of questions.
What if two characters were so interconnected that you couldn’t have one full character without the other and what if something was changing, deep inside one, but not the other? And what if that something that was changing was dangerous – even deadly? And what if for the sake of one, the other had to be hidden? But what if they hid the wrong twin?
What if, I ask you, what if?
This is the flow of my “what ifs” at this very moment and I’m amazed where each new “what if” is taking Kate and Chris. I feel more of an observer, along to record their journey, marvelling at their courage and fearing for their survival.
Oh, wait! I feel another “what if” coming on –
“What if I had a Hershey Kiss machine hidden behind a false wall in my attic? And what if I was the only one who knew…”


  1. Oh my word, great minds think alike. Very cliche I know, but I just thought last week on doing a blog post on this "What if"--a writer's creed, as it were. And to top it off, I have notes in my idea scribbler about two characters similar to this line, "What if two characters were so interconnected that you couldn’t have one full character without the other."
    Only mine were one "real human" and the other the soul of this girl's dead twin. I won't steal from you and I hope no one steals this one from me! :)

  2. I love these what ifs! Perfect lake weather.

  3. Hey Christine, I say write on! Of course we think alike, writing soul sista'!

    It does sound like our WIPs are similar and there are so many similar ideas out there. It's the details that make each story different and set it apart from all the rest.


  4. Gabe,
    I'm still on the lookout for your lake house!