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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Why I Write Children's Books

I am frequently asked this question. You’ve got talent, people say. Why not write for adults? Why write for kids? 

The answer is utterly simple.

Because, I love exploring how kids think. What makes them do what they do and react they way they react? 

Just stop and imagine what the world would be like if everything you saw and did was new and every experience your first.

Think back to your childhood. Think back to when the training wheels came off your two wheeler. Think of the first time you rode that bike and didn't wipe out in your neighbour's rose bush. What about the first time you rode your bike to the library, or to school - by yourself?

And, I have the most inspiring discussions with my girls. This morning's conversation with my seven year filled me with joy. The following is a good example of the types of daily chats I have with my children. (Usually prior to 8 am and most often on only one cup of coffee.)

Youngest Child: “Mommy, when is Daddy going to kick me out?”

Me: “Pardon?”

Youngest: “When is he going to kick me out of the house?”

Me: “Oh, sweetie, he’s just joking. He won’t kick you out. But someday, probably after university, you’ll want to move out.”

Youngest: “Oh, no Mommy, I’m not going to university.”

Me: “Oh, what are you going to do instead?”

Youngest: “I’m going to live on the lam.”

Me: “Do you know what that means?”

Youngest: “Yup. I’m going to live in the wild and go to places that no one has found yet.”

Me: “Where did you get this idea?”

Youngest: “Bugs Bunny. He never went to college.”

Me: “You do understand you can’t grow up to be Bugs Bunny. He 's a cartoon…and a bunny.”

Youngest: “I know that mommy. I don’t want to be Bugs Bunny. I’m going to be Tweety Bird.”

Me: “Well, you’ve gotta’ have goals.”

With logic like that following me around every minute my children are in my presence, what choice did I have?

Law? Too serious. Medicine? Too icky. Writing children’s books? Just right.


  1. It should be noted that I do, in fact, plan to kick them out at some point... I expect that they'll be looking for an appartment in Midtown Manhattan as a cheaper alternative to the rent I'll be changing them once they've got jobs... I just sayin' s'all.


  2. Planning to live on the lam and in the wild sounds like an excellent goal to me! There's nothing childish or immature about writing for kids. Never get defensive. Enjoy those one coffee breakfast talks!

  3. Dear Dad, (a.k.a. Drew)

    What a generous suggestion that you will help pay for their rental in New York.


  4. Hey Gabe!

    I couldn't agree with you more.

  5. Great blog to which I fully agree. I miss those kinds of conversations with my kids. Write them all Jodi, not just to remember and be gooey and nostalgic about, but it gives you ammunition to embarrass them with in future. ;)