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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Family of Spies Launching Spring 2018!

It's official!

Family of Spies will launch in spring 2018!

I am extremely happy to have another book published with Great Plains Publications under their new teen and middle grade imprint, Yellow Dog Press. Partnering with editor Catharina de Bakker on Forever Julia was a dream and I can't wait to work with her once more.

Soon I will start revisions, which will take me into November/December and in the mean time discussions around cover designs begin.

Book covers are always important, but with this age group they can make or break book sales. This week I am meeting with McNally Robinson who have graciously agreed to discuss what makes a middle grade cover pop off the shelf.

Then to plan the book launch. 
Spy theme? 
Yes please!


  1. Congrats,Jodi. Looking forward to attending the launch and to reading your next release.

    1. Yeah! And I can't wait to see the cover.

    2. Me too! It's the nail biter, isn't it? I love the covers of my other books and want Family of Spies to look just as incredible.