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Thursday, 30 March 2017

No ghosts, goblins, or scary witches. At least not anymore...

Nervous. Excited. Hopeful.

Triple the feels today.

I've been working on two picture books for sometime now and this morning I submitted one of them to a publisher.

SQUEEEE!  (I actually whispered my joyous scream, as my children are sleeping and it's never good to wake teenagers before 11 am during spring break.)

Strangely enough, the waiting time between submission and response is one of my favourite stages in the writing process. It's full of promise and wild fantasies. What if they adore my book?  What if they think it is the next BIG thing? What if they give me a 6 figure 4 figure advance? (Sometimes even fantasies are a bit ridiculous.)

Possibly even stranger is that I never rarely think negatively. No gloom and doom as I wait. It's not that I don't know there are zero guarantees in publishing and that receiving rejections are part of the game. I just choose not to dwell on that part. No need to ruin my bliss with reality.

So now, NOT a Halloween Book, is out there; looking for a publishing home. 
And I am enjoying the ride.