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Monday, 7 November 2016

The Year of Yes

Yes, please. Yes, thank you. Yes, of course.
Our move overseas was full of changes and challenges for our family, not all of them fun. Some moments were downright unpleasant. 
However, rather than run naked through the cobble-stoned streets of England like a lunatic, I decided to challenge myself to try anything and everything that came my way while over here. 
(That is correct. Those were my only two options; Wild Nudity or Never Uttering No.)

I am now coming up to the 18 month anniversary of "Saying Yes", whenever possible, and so far all opportunities have proven possible. I've been pushed over, above, and beyond my comfort zone. This has been nerve wracking, nauseating, and exhilarating all at the same time. Who knew adrenaline could be such a rush. I know, lame, but sometimes you have to "say yes" to lame. See what I did there? 

So, this is me, doing something I never thought I'd ever get the chance to do. I got to be a reporter; not once, but twice.

I practiced head nods for this bit. Such dedication.
Here is my first interview and foray into the world of journalism. (That would be extremely small "j" journalism, as I have zero training, and truthfully the CBC will not be calling anytime soon.) In this video I speak to Karen Delahay, one of the founders of Hertford's leading visual arts venue; Courtyard Arts.

In my second Courtyard Arts interview I met the talented artist, Paul Hiles. His work illustrates his love of London and showcases his affection for 1950s/60s culture and style. His house was an homage to everything Mod.

I could have lived the rest of my days, quite happily in this kitchen.
My extreme gratitude goes to Courtyard Arts for saying "yes" to me conducting these interviews and to Dr. Mike Howarth for having faith in me to pull them off. He is a video wizard and was somehow able to edit out my mad-blinking affliction. 

If you are looking to get connected to the art scene in Hertford, England, follow this link to Courtyard Arts.

If you need anything to do with video, get in touch with Dr. Mike Howarth here: MHMVR

And finally, if you are considering your own, "Year of Yes"
I highly recommend reading Amy Poehler's book, 
Yes Please
Inspirational and hilarious. How could you say, no?

Buy it!


  1. Yes! You are brave and wonderful, Jodi. (My laptop isn't letting me click the links, but I'll try again.)

    1. Thanks, Gabe, as are you. I keep thinking about your postponed Ukraine trip. Now, that is courageous!