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Friday, 24 April 2015

Forever Julia Launched!

Forever Julia Launched! 
What an event and what a night.
All those happy, smiling faces of family and friends staring back at me!

You have my thanks. 

Mom decorated our Prairie Ink table in colours to
 match the book cover.
Of course.

Chef Geoff and I, giddy as fools.

This is truly Cake Art.

The night started with dinner in Prairie Ink restaurant where I was surprised by this book cake. All due to my mom and Pastry Chef Geoff.

It looked too good to eat, but we still found a way to gobble it up!

Suzanne and Mel; two of The Anitas.

My dear work peeps. xo

This was my smile for 3 days prior and 3 days following
the launch. (My face still hurts.)

The original "Anita", mentor and friend.

Karen McKim of Macdonald Youth Services

Lady Gray. I adore you.
My Forever Julia Dramatuge.

Cross eyed excitement.

"I want this moment to last...forever!"

Standing room only!

Week two, going strong;
thanks to the support of Winnipeg Readers!

Forever Julia at #1 out of the gate!

Again, my thanks for your continued support. 
See you again for the launch of...

Ford and Ellie: Family of Spies

(I just have to finish writing it!)


  1. Congratulations, Jodi! How exciting. You look great. Love the new straight hair. Very stylish. Makes you look younger. I love your "teen" book cover too. I hope sales continue to soar.

    1. Thanks Michelle! It was a crazy fun night.