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Friday, 16 January 2015

Ready, Set, Print!

This is it.

This is how my book would look if it fell to the pavement, open and face up, from the Penthouse Suite of Trump Towers.

It takes a team of people to polish a manuscript so it is ready for a reading audience.
Here are my thank you's:

Relish Design you have blown my mind. Thank you for creating a book cover that I am honoured to say is mine.
Thank you Great Plains Teen Fiction, for keeping the door open for me by asking me to rework my original submission.
Thank you Catharina de Bakker, my editor, for providing wisdom and guidance as I revised further.
Thank you to my mentor and friend, Carolyn Gray, for your insight and for helping me uncover Julia's real story squirrelled away in the back story.
Thank you to my writing group, The Anitas. I am so proud of all our accomplishments and how we continue to support each other. 
You are my writing family.


  1. As a grateful member of the Anitas, Jodi, I am SO proud of you! The book is gorgeous and you're a true inspiration! Keep flying, girl!

    1. Will be flying with you. Looking forward to holding the entire Kulak's Daughter Series...just need you to finish writing them! :)