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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Edits, Revisions, Rewrites. Fun.

Not sure why I thought I was done editing Forever Julia. Maybe because this summer I strengthened Julia's relationship with her boyfriend, tweaked her interactions with her best friend Annika, and merged two characters into one new, uber dude?


More likely it is because I am often a completely unrealistic dreamer. Somehow I thought I would skip merrily over the copy editing step.

Ou est copy editing you wonder?

It is the joyful line by line analysis of every single sentence.

I wish I could say this news filled my heart with a joy only writers can feel. Even more, I wished I Happy Danced around my laptop. I do love a Happy Dance. But I would be lying.

Sort of.

I do want Forever Julia to be the best book I've written, thus far. I want readers to pick it up and think,

"This is the BEST BOOK EVER, I need to read more of Jodi Carmichael's works!" 

But there is this tiny and almost impossible to hear voice, sucking its thumb and hiding behind my left rib cage*, whining,

"Come on. When is this ever going to be done?!"

Thankfully, I am a grown mature woman. I am married, with two children, and a healthy mortgage so sadly it must be true.
Naturally, I can shut up that whiny voice - fast. 

I only need to get myself in writing mode complete with fuzzy slippers, a pot of coffee, and half a pan of Nanaimo Bar. 
(Who am I kidding. I'll eat the entire tray.)

Nanaimo Bars at the ready.
(New York Slice for my American Pals.)

*That is right, that whining voice hides behind my left rib cage. This is also where one of my lungs went to recover after I played that extremely exhausting parents vs kids soccer game. Apparently it is a good place to chill.


  1. Hi Jodi, I feel your pain! I wrote a YA novel about five years ago, had an agent who was shopping it around. After 18 months of no bites I decided to hire a respected editor who chomped the story to bits. I've rewritten it and now need to tweak it like crazy-- meaning edit it. Wish I lived closer so I could share those bars with you! I love your cover for "Forever Julia!" Keep going and good luck! Hugs.

    1. Hey Michelle!

      The silly thing is, I actually quite enjoy the whole editorial process. I love collaborating with my editor, getting other thoughts on story lines, creating new scenes, and strengthening old ones. The problem with me is I am impatient. Which is so ridiculous because our release date is not until the spring, so it's not like I can hurry up the process. lol One day I will grow up and grow some patience. I just want to see that cover up close and personal!