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Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Internet is too Shiny for my Brain

Every writer approaches editing differently. When you are a writer with an overly active distractibility gene it goes a little like this:

Editor: Can you check that you have quoted the "Let the wild rumpus begin" correctly from, Where the Wild Things Are? Pretty sure it is "start," not "begin."

Me: No problemo. I am on it.

And I was. I raced to the kids' book case to search for Maurice Sendak's masterpiece. I stood there, staring at what looked like books exploding from the shelves.

"Who's got time for this?" I muttered, knowing the book may not even be in that chaos.

Fueled by edit fever, I charged to my computer.

"Google. Google shall save the day!" I cheered. Well, I didn't really cheer that. It was more a loud muttering about the state of the girls' rooms and how I was so going to get on them about that. Later.

I typed in the line of text I needed to verify and all sorts of results popped up, including this delightful video of 
Christopher Walken reading Where the Wild Things Are:

Which of course I had to share on Facebook. I then continued to watch every video that subsequently popped up along the sidebar. 
Like, Mr. Walken reading The Three Little Pigs:

And do you need to ask if I watched the entire Top 10 Saturday Night Live Skits?
Watch to the final sketch. You won't be disappointed.

45 minutes later I awoke from my Googling haze, cursed it for my lost time, and replaced "begin" with "start." I then logged off the internet. 
It is too shiny for my brain.

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