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Thursday, 12 June 2014

It's a New Day, Peeps

Been thinking about some pals who are going through some tough times. 
When overwhelmed, I find centering yourself by focusing on what really matters can help you gain control of your thoughts, feelings, and racing emotions.

It's a new day, peeps. Be good to yourself. And each other.


  1. Hello Jody I was told of your book by Michelle Saint-Germain Weidenbenner. She told me to tell you she knew me. Is that confusing or what? LOL Anyway, I had a non-fiction book published in January, 2014 about my 30-year-old daughter and our journey with autism, Asperger's and intellectual disabilities. Title: Not Different Enough. I will make certain I read your book, and like your FB page. I will leave my FB address also if you would like to say hello. Gloria Doty

    1. Hi Gloria,

      Not confusing at all and delightful to meet you! I'll search out your book and at it do my list of "referable" books. I'll check you out on Fbook too.

      Take care,