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Saturday, 2 November 2013

First Chapters' Book Signing a Success!

All set up and ready to sign!
My first Chapters' book signing went off without a hitch!

A huge thank you to Trevor Rushak and Camilla Mozdzen of the St. Vital Centre Chapters store for inviting me and making me feel so very welcome.

I met some incredible people; some who knew all about Aspergers, some with brand new diagnoses in their families, but mostly children or their parents who were chiefly looking for a good book.

My two most favourite moments:

Early in the afternoon a young girl named Riley bought Spaghetti and returned a half hour later to thank me again and give me a hug.

Later parents of a newly diagnosed 19 year old came to my table with a stack of books asking, "Where to begin? How do we help ourselves understand our son and give him the support he needs?"

I directed them to Asperger Manitoba and wrote down the names of my favourite Autism Spectrum Disorder authors: Dr. Tony Attwood, Temple Grandin and Michael John Carley. If you're looking for information, just click on their names and visit their website or Amazon page.

Oh! And I also met some incredible classroom and resource teachers. And so very many stellar grandparents involved in their grandkids' lives. And...the list goes on.

Winnipeg is full of readers, and it was a huge pleasure meeting so many of them last weekend.

The best news of the day though, was being asked to return for Autism Awareness Month!

Looking to purchase a copy of Spaghetti?

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I did not know Chapters would do anything for Autism Awareness Month. That's awesome!

    1. They are really getting behind local writers and community events. One of the booksellers, Trevor Rushak is a huge supporter of ASD titles.

  2. This whole thing is full of WIN. Supporting the local writers, the community aspect, and getting behind ASD books. Well done, Jodi. It's great that so many teachers came out, too!

    1. It really was a great day. The number of grandparents purchasing books was my biggest surprise - and a wonderful surprise at that. :)