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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Marvellously Melodious MagicBlox

I can never pass on an awesome alliteration opportunity, even when it results in nearly nauseating results. Sorry, peeps.

This past weekend while relaxing at Stone's Throw Cottage, along the sandy shores of Lake Winnipeg, I set up my very own recording studio in my front porch. Well, sort of.

My marketing guru, Cameron Crane, of Little Pickle Press arranged for me to read the first few chapters of Spaghetti on the fabulous online talk radio show and kids book site called, MagicBlox.

I dialed in and hooked myself up to my cell phone, wearing ear phones that NASA would envy. For the next 20 minutes I read, in my most slow-paced and animated voice, into what sounded like dead air to me.

It was all a bit strange and a few times I wondered, "What if they've lost connection with my cell? What if I've been reading the past chapter only to myself?"

"Can you hear me, Major Tom?"

But it all worked as planned and here is the link to the show:

MagicBlox Rocks!

(Yes, I did make that up. Thanks for noticing.)

I even squeezed in a plug about the FREE LESSON PLANS that can be downloaded from my publisher's site.

What?  You too would like these plans?

Follow this easy-peasy link and you too can use them at home or in your classroom:

Again, my apologies if you are feeling queasy.  

I blame Dr. Seuss.

Try saying that three times fast.
(I double dog dare you.)

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