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Monday, 22 April 2013

Hot off the Presses...

...and into my Cool Hands!


My box of author copies of Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons arrived today!

So excited, I think I may stroke out. Must take a breath. Or twelve.

Happy Dancing as I type. Sounds impossible, but not when you are a pro like me.

I send a huge, heartfelt thank you to my publisher Rana DiOrio and all of Team Pickle. Most especially, Cameron Crane, Dani Greer, Khadijah Lacina, Sarah Seward, Leslie Iorillo, and Kelly Wickham. And a digital thanks to Aarti and Chintu Parikh of Kite Readers for creating the best digital book a writer could ask for.

And my congratulations to Spaghetti's talented illustrator, Sarah Ackerley. You brought Connor to life, exactly as I imagined.

I feel like that little youtube girl who sings,
"I love my life. I love my hair. I love everything."

 And to my supportive family and friends,
"I love you. I love your hair...I love everything about you!"


  1. Hooray! Your books finally came! That is so exciting! I love the name of your publisher. :)

    1. Me too. Little Pickle Press just sounds right, doesn't it?