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Monday, 29 April 2013

Fact, Fiction, or Freaky?

You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like you've known them all your life?

Or when you see someone's "twin" at the mall or the movie theatre and you are 100% sure they were not separated at birth, like in a cheesy after-school special?

Weird, for sure.

Something very similar happened to me, but it doesn't fall into either of those two freaky categories. It's stranger than fact or fiction.

Is it Karma? The Universe? Or the Great and Powerful Oz? 

(Yes, we watched the critically un-acclaimed Muppet's Wizard of Oz on the weekend. Twice. It was one of the world's worst Ground Hog Day moments.)

Ah, but I have drifted.

The point is, that whatever the source, what happened to be me last week was extremely odd.

It's a sort of Literary Doppelganger.

Are you ready to be slightly amused, dumbfounded, or quite possibly all-out shocked?

Mr. B.'s Doppelganger - Mr. Hoover the Principal.
When I received my eBook, back in December, I noticed a striking similarity in appearance of one of the characters in the book to one of the teachers at the school where I work.

What a cute coincidence I thought.

Mr. B IS Mr. Hoover.
Once I received the paper book, I quickly realized one of the other characters looked like another one of our illustrious teachers.

Coincidence again?  

Methinks not.

It was so eerie that the staff began to wonder if I had this done on purpose. But since I wrote the book 4 years ago, and only started at Linden Meadows last year, this is impossible.
Mr. Hood IS Mr. Cohen.

Mr. Hood's Doppelganger - Mr. Cohen the Librarian
(Plus, my cartooning abilities remain firmly in the stick people realm.)

I am now looking to find Mrs. Rosetti, Mr. O'Brien and Mrs. Chan in the faces of our staff. Who knows whose fictional twin is lurking in the halls of Linden Meadows...


  1. This all happened for a reason. Connor happened for a reason. WE happened for a reason. I'm so grateful to know you. Onward and upward, Rana

    1. Rana, I am typing through tears. I feel the same. Onward, upward, sideways.

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