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Monday, 4 March 2013

Spaghetti Dinner a Success!

Charlene and I, with a visit from Gavin.

What a night!

Charlene Walberg, President of Asperger Manitoba Inc, and I were overwhelmed with the incredible turnout for our 1st Annual Spaghetti and Potluck Dinner.

We planned for 85 and served over 150, running out of cutlery and plates! The Drew ran to Safeway to replenish our supplies so we could feed the starving masses.

Ok, so maybe they weren't starving, but still they devoured the scrumptious spaghetti and tasty treats.
DeLuca's pasta was DeLicious!
I need to extend an enormous thank you to Rosanna Deluca-Poole, of DeLuca's Specialty Foods for her generous donation of the best spaghetti I have ever tasted. 
My Rocking Book Trailer.
I was too busy to actually eat at the event, but I scarfed down a mounding plate of spaghetti once I got home. (I did not, however, morph into a cavewoman and dump any noodles on my head, Ala Connor.)

The evening went off without a hitch - beyond the mid event supply run.

Sarah & I getting crafty with signage
All thanks to Charlene, her husband Ryan, my husband Drew, my great friends Brenda and Laura and all my parents - especially my mom who thought of every last detail.
Mom, organizing the troops
And of course to Charlene's son Gavin and my girls Sarah and Emma who helped prep the tables and the kids craft section.

6 year old McKenna's picture she drew for me.  
We sold close to 40 posters, that were donated by Little Pickle Press, making $300 for Asperger Manitoba. 

Again my thanks to Rana DiOrio and her whole team for supporting not just me as a Little Pickle Press author, but also Asperger Manitoba and by extension the Aspergers' community in Manitoba.

But the best part by far?
Nearly blew a gasket, dreaming up witty messages!

Meeting so many incredible kids; Tait, McKenna, David, Alex, Gavin, Sam, Agustin, Cooper, Eric,and Carter. I know there were more, but I lost my paper with all the names written on it. I am a bit disorganized that way. Frustrating, but true.

I hope to see them all again at the book launch in spring, and I'll make sure to include their names when I blog about it!

I was able to squeeze in two readings and the kids had lots of questions for me when I signed their posters.

Looking out to the packed room and seeing my friends and family smiling back at me was my dream come true.

The Best Dad. Ever.
My fellow Anita, Pat.
The Original Anita.

My PR guru pal, Tish.

It takes understanding, compassion, and acceptance to build an inclusive community and this was a much appreciated way for you to show your support. 

Cyber Hugs for you all!

Meeting wonderful people, always makes me happy.


  1. Jodi, I am so glad that this event was a success! You rock!

    1. And thanks for all your suppot! The invites and Facebook page were awesome...not to mention the posters!

    2. Thanks Cameron! The posters were a hit with the kids. Thanks so much to you and Little Pickle Press for supporting all the good works of Asperger Manitoba!