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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

1st School Reading a Success!

Me reading about slurping spaghetti.

I did it.

My very first school reading of Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons.

And I didn't faint, stumble on the way to the podium, or forget how to read English. (Although my vision did blur a few times. I was nervous, after all.)

My inaugural school visit was extra special as it was at Linden Meadows; the school where I am lucky enough to work. 

The sweetest moment of speaking to the entire K-grade 8 school? When the kids spontaneously began clapping to the book trailer. I bopped along with them and that bouncing meatball, feeling like I was the queen of the school.  I felt a lot like Connor, in Spaghetti, when he becomes the King of Robert H. Crane School.

Coolest Friday, ever.


  1. Congratulations, Jodi. It sounds like you did an incredible job, connecting with those children. I applaud your maiden voyage. Keep in mind that it will get easier each and every time. You have a great story with an important message to share, so keep moving, onward and upward. :)

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Julia. My next visit is on the 11th for all the grade 3's at my youngest daughter's school. 70 kids will be a breeze in comparison to 500!

  2. Yay for you! This was your first of many, I'm sure! I loved the trailer. How did you do that? Deets! I want to know and learn this. Soon! Ha!
    I read WILLOW (my YA novel that isn't pubbed yet) to a group of fifth graders and it was awesome fun! Loved their questions and interest. It made me feel like a real author.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

    1. Actually Kite Reader who developed the eBook also designed the trailer. I have no clue how they did it, but it is pretty swanky.

      And you are a REAL author, btw! It all counts.