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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dare to Dream It!
Dare to Dream It! Work to Achieve It! 

This is the motto at the amazing school I work at as an extremely part time secretary. I've had a lot of jobs and I can easily say, working at Linden Meadows School is the best job - ever - outside of writing - which, for me, is too exhilarating to be classified as work.

Writing is my passion and something I need to do - like breathing. Or eating mountains of chocolate.

Yes, I know.
My brows are Tres Brooke Shields.
I'm hoping for a spa day from Santa.
This week has been filled with awesome moments that have confirmed that listening to Drew and my fellow Anitas to NOT quit writing, back in January, was the best decision I have made all year. Perhaps even the best decision I've made in the past several years.

On Monday I picked up my gorgeous Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food (and Other Life Lessons) posters from Prolific printers. A huge thank you to Rana DiOrio, Chief Executive Pickle of Little Pickle Press for donating them to our fundraising campaign for Asperger Manitoba Inc. We'll be selling them at various events over the next 6 months and all proceeds go to Asperger Manitoba.

Today, whilst picking up meatballs and lingonberry jam at IKEA, I received a surprising email, which sent me happy dancing around the cinnamon bun display.

I've been accepted into the Sheldon Oberman Mentorship Program run through The Manitoba Writers' Guild! Over the next 5 months I work with a mentor on my Young Adult manuscript, Who Needs Romeo - A Tale of a Modern Day Juliet. Being accepted into this program, is a true honor and is exactly what I need to get Who Needs Romeo, publication ready.

Here's a brief bio of my mentor, Carolyn Gray
How utterly cool is that? 

Carolyn Gray, who is a Winnipeg writer, actor, director, designer, and puppeteer. She is a founding member of Adhere and Deny Object Puppet Theatre, helmed by Grant Guy. Her full-length play, The Elmwood Visitation, was produced by Theatre Projects Manitoba in 2007 and won the Manitoba Day Award for excellence in archival research. Catarinetta was produced by the MTYP Junior Company the following year. Her most recent play, North Main Gothic (Scirocco), premiered this April with Theatre Projects Manitoba. Gray was the 2008 winner of the John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer.

Follow this link to find out more about the Sheldon Oberman Mentorship program:

Looking to join the Manitoba Writers' Guild? Click on this link:

Find out more about Asperger Manitoba here:

Fellow writers, do NOT lose hope. Keep the faith. 
Follow your passion and keep on writing.

Dare to Dream It! Work to Achieve It!

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