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Monday, 19 November 2012

Busy is as Busy Does
The days are quickly ticking down.

Only 14 more until Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons launches on Amazon. The past week has been a rush of haphazard activity, lumped onto my already overflowing schedule.

Due to my inability to remember anything more complicated than the middle names of both my daughters, I meticulously created my to-do list, so that no tasks were forgotten.

My ever-so-long list included; writing two guest blog posts, a book review for McNally Robinson's Night Table Recommendations online site, completing a blog book tour course, working (best not to skip that), a critique for The Word Junkies, and chauffeuring my girls to art class, swimming, orthodontic appointments, and my mom to the grocery store and physio.

Hm, after reading over that last paragraph, I'm reminded of an article I read recently regarding how list-making-whiny we've become as a society. According to this study, we North Americans love to wallow in our busyness and compare hectic lives, like farmers comparing prize winning pumpkins.

I'm not sure I want to pit my life against the lives of my neighbours, but I do think many of us have gotten into the habit of over extending ourselves, to the point of exhaustion.

My theory also conveniently explains why every night at 9 pm I eagerly climb into my blue plaid "man-jammies" and burrow under my duvet 'til dawn.

And I do so love my man-jammies. They're the most hideously masculine ladies' pj's ever sewn, but they're also the softest, coziest pair of jam-jams I have ever owned. I highly recommend you pick up a pair. Some even come with matching fluffy socks. I kid you not.

Alright, enough about sleepwear. I'm fairly certain I had a point to make.

Oh, right. The one thing I miss most, in all this recent mondo busyness, is writing new material. I have entirely neglected my current WIP, Who Needs Romeo. My poor protagonist Julia is still muddling along, lost in those pages with her hormones in a jumble, trying to figure out if Evan like-likes her or just likes her. Oh, the humanity.

Who knew I'd ever be in this position? Too busy launching one book, to write the second? How completely ridiculous a concept. It's a thrill of a life time and if getting published means I'm more tired than normal, then bring on the busy! I'll make a to-do list that's Santa-length worthy.

First, let me add a back up pair of Man-Jammies to my shopping list. I might just get too busy to get to that Kilimanjaro sized mountain of laundry in the basement.

If only I could remember where I put that list...


  1. Hey, when did this blog change? Nice sunny look, Jodi! Hope you find your list!

    1. Hey Gabe! My blog went sunny exactly 15 days ago, in the middle of my blog book tour course. I tried out some new ideas and - voila! Hello orange! :)