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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!
Over the past 12 months, I've learned a lot about the art of blogging. I’ve read numerous articles stating that effective blogs focus on a specific theme, so your audience knows what to expect when logging on. 

This makes a lot of sense.

If only that was how my brain worked, this would be an easy-peasy rule to follow. But my brain is not an orderly, itemized storage vessel of information. My brain does not operate like a library, all neat and tidy, with easy to locate novels sitting perfectly square on well dusted shelves.

No, my brain resembles more of a typical teenage bedroom. Everything is everywhere, with seemingly no logical order; however, somehow whatever you’re looking for is easily found. You just need to look behind the dresser, or under the throw rug. (Try not to trip over the pile of folded clothes sitting in the middle of the floor.)  

Here is my list of blog topics I’ve covered this past year:  

·        Writing Retreats
·        Disturbing Childhood Nic-names
·        Multi-tasking
·        Open Mike Nights, twice
·        Thanksgiving
·        Awesome Manitoba Books
·        Awesome Manitoba 
·        Writing for Kids
·        The Anita Factor Writing Group
·        The Arts and Why They Matter
·        Submitting Manuscripts
·        Receiving the First Writing Cheque
·        Cabin Fever
·        Writing Tips
·        My Kids, a multitude of times
·        Getting Published
·        Excuses for Not Blogging
·        Chocolate, of course
·        Friend Deja-Vu
·        Gratitude, possibly thrice
·        Grammar
·        Childhood Firsts
·        Kids Growing up Too Fast
·        My Possible Writing Addiction
·        Type A Personality, in Remission
·        Family Traditions
·        Santa & Lego
·        Being Barely Foreign
·        The SCBWI          

Should such a diverse list of topics be a warning? Should I change my tactic? Narrow my focus?

I suppose that would be the practical, logical approach.
Logical. Ick. Practical. Meh. Thankfully, no one has ever accused me of being either.
Therefore, I must conclude, (after doing zero analysis, research, or contemplation), that I shall carry on delving into new topics as they catch my interest. Think of a Blue Jay chasing shiny objects. 

Hmmm.  What to write about next?

Life’s foibles? More writing news? Book reviews? Parenting pitfalls?
Let me know what you’d like to read. 
I’d love to hear from you.

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