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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Serene, peaceful, writing retreat weekend...ear plugs required.

Months of anticipation and planning are almost over. Finally our writing retreat weekend is less than two weeks away. Two solid days of lake-side writing; no phone, no kids, and no interruptions, unless you count the dawn to dusk scheduled jack-hammering of the paper mill they're demolishing down the bay.


Planned deconstruction times: 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.

The owner of the B&B actually said, it's so loud, you can't think. A possible hurdle for five writers looking to find their inner zen and tap into a flowing stream of words.

All, is not lost, for we are a resourceful bunch and I have suggested, what I like to call, "Carmichael's Cozy Cottage and Camper Plan B." Five eager writers, one six hundred square foot two bedroom cottage, and a mondo camper in the back yard.

So, when your dream retreat in the wilderness turns into an ear-piercing power tool nightmare, I suppose you could use the complementary ear plugs (found next to the elf-sized shampoo bottles in your bathroom), grin, and pretend you are such a dedicated and driven writer that can work through even a sonic boom, could graciously accept the offered deposit refund, pick up a crisp bottle of chardonnay, and flee to the relative calm of Chez Carmichael.

Fingers crossed the neighbours decide to postpone their deck building party.

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  1. The calm of Chez Carmichael was totally worth a crisp bottle of chardonnay (or something similar)! Thanks again.(Although I do feel bad for the empty fisherman's retreat.)